Here you will find a list of helpful sites for Journalism.  These sites will help you in writing, researching, and understanding key journalism objectives.

The above link will take you to which is the American Society of Newspaper Editor’s website for high school journalism teachers and students!  You can see other high school newspaper’s here and find out more information about high school newspapers!

The above link will take you to an interesting project done by The Columbia Chronicle- from Columbia College.  Columbia students created this about the violence in Chicago.  Each student wrote about how they feel about violence in their city.

The above link will take you to Global Girl Media.  Global Girl Media was created to help teach teenage girls about the power of their voice and the power of media.  They operate several organizations throughout the world.  Seniors Claudia Morales and Sandra Ruiz worked with this group this past summer. Check out their videos and blogs!

The above link is to Creative Commons.  Creative Commons is a website that gathers information (pictures, videos, articles….) that people may use without worrying about copy right issues.  Some pieces may have different requirements for use (example: must give proper credit if using) while others are completely free to use!

The above link is a great resource for the history of journalism.  We will be using this in class!

The above website was created by Charles Lewis, a professor and former journalist created this website to explore the current state of Journalism.

The above link will be used in class as an assignment.

The above link is the Student Press Law Center.  This website has everything a student journalist needs to know in regards to the law and his or her rights.

The above website allows you to view hundreds of high school news publications.


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